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Cakes Galore!

Custom and Home Made Cakes

East Bay Cakes
Sandra Forrester
East Bay, California

Food creation is sometimes seen as an art form, and at East Bay Cakes it is easy to see why. Sandra Forrester runs East Bay Cakes and is sure that she can create the custom cake of your dreams. Her confidence shows in her work, one refined through the years. Like all artists, her craft wasn’t perfected in one day. Baking started early for Sandra. When asked what motivated her to start, she replied:


“I have a sweet tooth and I wasn’t allowed by my latent hippie parents to eat something I couldn’t bake. Quite an incentive, eh?”


As she started to bake, she was enthralled by local and fresh food, and her ability to transform them into something delicious and delightful. This would start the journey for Sandra and the creation of East Bay Cakes.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is the process of transforming flour into one vanilla bean dark chocolate cake with meringue buttercream, accented in home made marshmallow fandant.

Ahem, that is hardly ever the case. Instead, it is a dutiful journey – one of experimentation, of passion, and of bold creation.

For Sandra, her interest in baking soon started to flourish, and her craft with it. She started professionally at 19, working at a bakery that specialized in decorated cakes. Years later, she was still baking and continuing to produce scrumptious and artistic cakes. However, as with painters or sculptors, Sandra found an unexpected muse.


“It was cake creation on television. Yes, that’s what really started this burning passion for cake! The things you can do with sugar! I’m gushing over the creations on the boob tube and friends and family are like, ‘You can do better!'”

“They’re right. I can do it better – with fresh local ingredients to give you an astounding and memorable cake that tastes wonderful!”


And she did just that. With the birth of East Bay Cakes, Sandra is making cakes that taste divine. The taste of the cake is also greatly elevated with the presentation. With her years of experience, Sandra masterfully carves cakes into different shapes, works with intricate designs, and embodies special occasions. It is in the art of her cake creations that separate her from the rest.


“I’ve been refining my decorating skills for the past year and I’m taking classes and learning all the time working in various sugar arts. I listen very well and love to collaborate on custom designs.”


Besides design, Sandra offers an astounding amount of customization. Going to her website generates a jaw-dropping list of delicious flavors, fillings, and frostings.

Take for example, one of her 3 tiered wedding cake: Raspberry vanilla swirl ciffon cake iced in white chocolate ganache, filled in ganache and raspberry filling,covered in vanilla marshmallow fondant. Molded lace and repiped in royal icing. Boards covered and textured in fondant. All homemade.

If there was ever a line between art and food, East Bay Cakes has erased it.


East Bay cakes makes custom recipe and design cakes, cupcakes, cakepops, truffles, decorated cookies, cookie bars, brownies, petite fours and puddings for dessert bars and tea parties.

To try East Bay Cake’s cakes and treats, head over to http://www.eastbaycakes.com/.

Heartwarming Fudge

Making A Lasting Impact With Food

Bridget Rose Delights
Bridget Doyle
Oceanside, California

At first glance, it’s hard to stop your mouth from watering when you see what Bridget Rose Delights has to offer.
With a smooth and creamy richness, Bridget Rose Delights has created a stunningly delicious fudge.  For Bridget, the accolades are many – including being voted 3rd in the county for ‘Best Dessert’ and beating out 25 other companies. While Bridget Rose Delights has been highlighted in the San Diego Union-Tribune and even featured on the Roger Hedgecock Show, it isn’t only because of her amazing homemade fudge. To appreciate the impact Bridget has made in her community, it is important to discover her delightful journey and why Bridget is affectionately known as the “Fudge Lady”.

Here’s her amazing story:


“I have been volunteering at Tri City Hospital for over a year now. I have worked in 2 different departments. When I switched to the ICU, the first day there, people would ask,
‘No candy? No treats?’ 
I quickly learned the reason they were asking was the majority of the volunteers brought candy and put it on the desk. So after the 2nd or 3rd request, I thought, 
‘Alright. But I wasn’t bringing bagged candy.’
So every week I would bring my white chocolate fudge.”


As delicious as it sounds, it was first mistaken for something else!


“When I would bring it, I would cut it into cubes and people would say, 
‘Is that cheese?’
So when I would get to the unit I would hear,
‘She’s here with the cheese’!”


That case of mistaken identity quickly faded when the people there tried her delicious homemade fudge.


“As time went on I was getting the most unbelievable reactions of how much they enjoyed it. It really warms my heart to see how much people enjoy the fudge.”


Soon, the impact of Bridget and her fudge spread quickly and the legacy of the “Fudge Lady” began.

“Since some would not know my name, people would see me and say, 
‘Hey, you’re the lady that makes the fudge!’.
Eventually, I would bring orders people would say “Hey Rick, the Fudge Lady is here with your fudge!”.


To try Bridget Rose Delights’s fudge, and to hear the full story, head over to http://bridgetrosedelights.com.
Flavors include: Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Walnuts, and Dark Chocolate.

Information courtesy of : Bridget Rose Delights

The Pairing of Food and Social-Consciousness

Vegan & Gluten-Free Salted Caramel & Sweet Potato Chocolate Tartlet

Sugar Beak Bakery
Ashley R. Fiocco
Orange County, California


Offering homemade & all-natural vegan treats, Sugar Beak Bakery  has made a name for themselves in their area. Sugar BeakBakery started  “as a need to healthily satisfy a very strong sweet tooth, or “sugar beak” as the French say (le bec sucré).” That is certainly something many of us can relate to!


But with this desire and their delicious recipes to support them, Sugar Beak Bakery expanded into a full Cottage Food Operation.

As decadent as you’ll find, Sugar Beak Bakery offers treats of premium ingredients with an artisan touch.
Take for example their Salted Caramel & Sweet Potato Chocolate Tartlet.


This delicious 4-layered vegan tartlet is made of crunchy raw nuts & dark chocolate. To transform this tartlet and make it deliciously their own, Sugar Beak Bakery:
– sweetens it naturally with organic coconut palm sugar
– add made-from-scratch roasted organic sweet potato-caramel
– topped off with a rich 64%/75% blended dark chocolate ganache & generous sprinkling of French coarse sea salt.

Yet, while learning of Sugar Beak Bakery’s start, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how intertwined their bakery is with their values and passions.


“We at Sugar Beak Bakery are baking enthusiasts, fans of hiking, lovers of anything & everything French, devoted vegetarians, entrepreneurial, animal-lovers, eclectic, health-conscious, active, vintage-inspired, energetic & most happy experimenting in our home kitchen.”

“We want everyone to be able to satisfy their “sugar beaks” & nourish their bodies at the same time.”


This pairing of food and social-consciousness is the core of Sugar Beak’s Bakery. And this philosophy certain reflects in the quality of their food.


“We are very proud of the high-quality ingredients used in every completely homemade batch, & we keep our orders small to maintain the taste, freshness & optimal quality of each product. We love to rev up our treats with anti-oxidant-rich ingredients like raw seeds, nuts, whole grains, & fresh vitamin-packed organic produce, all of which is also high in plant-based fiber & protein. Mix all this goodness into our delicious treats, & you don’t even realize you’re eating healthy food! When vegan treats taste this amazing, why eat the other cholesterol-rich, preservative-laden stuff?”

“We support the slow food movement. We love artisanal, passionate & inspirational vendors/makers & their high-quality products. We promote animal rights & being good to the environment, to our bodies, as well as to each other. We are all for living life as healthily as possible, even if you have a ginormous “sugar beak” like we do.”


Their integral values are reflected in their cooking. Their passion for their food show intimately in their crafted tartlets.  As they say, “You are what you eat”. Or more originally,
“Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es.”


Information courtesy of : The Cinnamon Spoon


Making the Perfect Granola

Homemade Granola