Bridget Rose Delights
Bridget Doyle
Oceanside, California

At first glance, it’s hard to stop your mouth from watering when you see what Bridget Rose Delights has to offer.
With a smooth and creamy richness, Bridget Rose Delights has created a stunningly delicious fudge.  For Bridget, the accolades are many – including being voted 3rd in the county for ‘Best Dessert’ and beating out 25 other companies. While Bridget Rose Delights has been highlighted in the San Diego Union-Tribune and even featured on the Roger Hedgecock Show, it isn’t only because of her amazing homemade fudge. To appreciate the impact Bridget has made in her community, it is important to discover her delightful journey and why Bridget is affectionately known as the “Fudge Lady”.

Here’s her amazing story:


“I have been volunteering at Tri City Hospital for over a year now. I have worked in 2 different departments. When I switched to the ICU, the first day there, people would ask,
‘No candy? No treats?’ 
I quickly learned the reason they were asking was the majority of the volunteers brought candy and put it on the desk. So after the 2nd or 3rd request, I thought, 
‘Alright. But I wasn’t bringing bagged candy.’
So every week I would bring my white chocolate fudge.”


As delicious as it sounds, it was first mistaken for something else!


“When I would bring it, I would cut it into cubes and people would say, 
‘Is that cheese?’
So when I would get to the unit I would hear,
‘She’s here with the cheese’!”


That case of mistaken identity quickly faded when the people there tried her delicious homemade fudge.


“As time went on I was getting the most unbelievable reactions of how much they enjoyed it. It really warms my heart to see how much people enjoy the fudge.”


Soon, the impact of Bridget and her fudge spread quickly and the legacy of the “Fudge Lady” began.

“Since some would not know my name, people would see me and say, 
‘Hey, you’re the lady that makes the fudge!’.
Eventually, I would bring orders people would say “Hey Rick, the Fudge Lady is here with your fudge!”.


To try Bridget Rose Delights’s fudge, and to hear the full story, head over to
Flavors include: Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Walnuts, and Dark Chocolate.

Information courtesy of : Bridget Rose Delights