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Sweet Pea is a platform that lets licensed cooks sell food to you directly for pickup or delivery, without the need for a restaurant.


What’s does a deep dish pizza and opening a Wolfgang Puck restaurant have in common? You need a lot of dough to make it work.

Although the food world has changed considerably over the years (how many cake shows are there now?), two things remains constant. That is:

  • Food entrepreneurs want to share their food with you, but…
  • It takes a lot of dough to make that happen. No, not flour, but cold hard cash.

While foodies have tried to overcome this for the sake of delicious eats, there are clearly limitations. We probably all know a knock-out cook. Maybe we’ve even commented on how they should sell their food.  However, it has always been an expensive and risky endeavour. While most people aren’t trying to go full-on Gordon Ramsey restaurateur, starting any food business poses a tremendous risk.

 That is, until now.

Sweet Pea is an app that addresses this. By using Sweet Pea, licensed chefs can create a menu and sell directly to their customers. They can test food items, delivery options, and prices easily! Chefs can be as imaginative as they want. And don’t worry, no restaurant required. Check it out here.