Sugar Beak Bakery
Ashley R. Fiocco
Orange County, California


Offering homemade & all-natural vegan treats, Sugar Beak Bakery  has made a name for themselves in their area. Sugar BeakBakery started  “as a need to healthily satisfy a very strong sweet tooth, or “sugar beak” as the French say (le bec sucré).” That is certainly something many of us can relate to!


But with this desire and their delicious recipes to support them, Sugar Beak Bakery expanded into a full Cottage Food Operation.

As decadent as you’ll find, Sugar Beak Bakery offers treats of premium ingredients with an artisan touch.
Take for example their Salted Caramel & Sweet Potato Chocolate Tartlet.


This delicious 4-layered vegan tartlet is made of crunchy raw nuts & dark chocolate. To transform this tartlet and make it deliciously their own, Sugar Beak Bakery:
– sweetens it naturally with organic coconut palm sugar
– add made-from-scratch roasted organic sweet potato-caramel
– topped off with a rich 64%/75% blended dark chocolate ganache & generous sprinkling of French coarse sea salt.

Yet, while learning of Sugar Beak Bakery’s start, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how intertwined their bakery is with their values and passions.


“We at Sugar Beak Bakery are baking enthusiasts, fans of hiking, lovers of anything & everything French, devoted vegetarians, entrepreneurial, animal-lovers, eclectic, health-conscious, active, vintage-inspired, energetic & most happy experimenting in our home kitchen.”

“We want everyone to be able to satisfy their “sugar beaks” & nourish their bodies at the same time.”


This pairing of food and social-consciousness is the core of Sugar Beak’s Bakery. And this philosophy certain reflects in the quality of their food.


“We are very proud of the high-quality ingredients used in every completely homemade batch, & we keep our orders small to maintain the taste, freshness & optimal quality of each product. We love to rev up our treats with anti-oxidant-rich ingredients like raw seeds, nuts, whole grains, & fresh vitamin-packed organic produce, all of which is also high in plant-based fiber & protein. Mix all this goodness into our delicious treats, & you don’t even realize you’re eating healthy food! When vegan treats taste this amazing, why eat the other cholesterol-rich, preservative-laden stuff?”

“We support the slow food movement. We love artisanal, passionate & inspirational vendors/makers & their high-quality products. We promote animal rights & being good to the environment, to our bodies, as well as to each other. We are all for living life as healthily as possible, even if you have a ginormous “sugar beak” like we do.”


Their integral values are reflected in their cooking. Their passion for their food show intimately in their crafted tartlets.  As they say, “You are what you eat”. Or more originally,
“Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es.”


Information courtesy of : The Cinnamon Spoon